Skander Moalla

MSc in CS @ Oxford (WhiRL)


Room 203

Robert Hooke Building

University of Oxford.

Hi. I’m studying for an MSc in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Oxford. My research interests are in Reinforcement Learning (RL) and I am currently working on Multi-Agent RL at the Whiteson Research Lab (WhiRL) for my MSc thesis supervised by Mingfei Sun and Prof. Shimon Whiteson.

I previously interned as an applied scientist at Quincus where I built RL models to optimise middle-mile logistics, and as a software engineer at Amazon where I built an AI-based tool to revise business metrics across Amazon Transportation Services.

I graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique and was a visiting student at EPFL, the University of Toronto, and Stanford University.

At Oxford, I lead the Careers team of the Oxford Artificial Intelligence society (OxAI) and play as a libero for the men’s Blues volleyball team.


Reinforcement Learning Deep RL, Multi-Agent RL

Machine Learning


Computer Science Oxford (MSc)

Maths & Computer Science Ecole Polytechnique (BSc)

Software Eng U of Toronto

AI & Entrepreneurship Stanford


RL Applied Scientist Quincus

SDE/SWE & ML Amazon

Neuroscience Blue Brain Project (EPFL)


Jun 12, 2022 I’ve been admitted with a fellowship to the PhD Program in Computer and Communication Sciences (EDIC) at EPFL and will start the program in september 2022.

Selected Publications

  1. BSc Thesis
    A Multidisciplinary Analysis of the Link between Structure and Function in Biological Neural Networks
    Moalla, Skander
    Apr 2020